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Hey guys, if anyone of you guys notice, I’ve been posting a lot more now since the school year starts. So right now my friends , artofmarcoriveraraymonddunster, and I are planning to post daily sketches or illustration on your art blogs. And I’ve been posting daily between this one and my main art blog jadepart. Feel free to check those two talented artists. Well I don’t know if I should write the day number to keep track or not?

So yea and I’m planning to open commission soon. But I’m not sure when I will start and how many of you guys would want to do commission. So I’m just asking on here to see how it goes! Feel free to message me if you want to know anything :>

And Welcome to all my new followers, hope you guys enjoy this!!! And i’ll keep up the posting. OHH one last thing, did I mention that I also have instagram that I’m posting as well? HAHAH I’m posting wips and sketches too :>

parncakes: What markers/pens/whatever do you use for sketching and scribbling? I'm still a beginner in traditional art, sorry :D


Hi parncakes!!!

So these are the pencils, pens, and markers that I usually use for my traditional drawings. and I’m happy that someone asked me this :>

  1. From the very top is a Col-Erase pencil, i usually use Vermillion or Crimson Red for underdrawings
  2. Is a colour lead pencil, I use it for detail underdrawing because the lead pencil is easier for me haha
  3. A Zebra brand ink brush tip pen for writing, I use it for inking and this one is my second inking pen.
  4. The Pental brush pen that a lot of people use. It has a nice brush tip, so you can do fine lines and broad lines. And you can change the cartridge.
  5. 5-7 are the Prismcolour markers in order of 20%, 40%, and 60%. I use it for simple shading after i inked my drawing
  6. the last one is Kuretake brand ink brush tip pen in extra small. This one has a nice firm tip so you can draw really fine line. At the same time, it also has the ability to do thinker lines. But this one takes longer time for the ink to dry.

Hehe i hope this helps (●´∀`●)